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Devendra Kodwani
Learn Romanized Sindhi sc
Welcome to this page.
Romanized Sindhi is a community project started with a view to enable those who want to learn, speak and enjoy Sindhi language even if they do not know Arbi or Devnagiri Sindhi sc...
 like this.
Balwant Wadhwani
Hi Devendra, It's lovley that RomanizedSindhi has been Andriodized, too. I will try and wish you the best of best.
Devendra Kodwani
Balwant please start today. Balva'nt~ bhaau aj~u ee shuroo kayo. maa'n roman si'ndhee sikhan~a laai hiku discussion thread shuroo kayo aahe un me'n bhaag^u vathho.
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