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Heroes of Sindh

March 21, 2013 by
Heroes of Sindh
Let's see how much do you know about these heroes who gave their lives for Sindh
1. Hemu Kalani, who was hanged by the British, belonged to which city of Sindh
2. Hosh Muhammad Sheedi, also known as Hoshu Sheedi, died in which battle, bravely fighting against the British
3. Rooplo Kohli, the guerilla freedom fighter, fought against the British in which mountainous area of Sindh
4. Dollah Darya Khan, who died fighting bravely against the Arghun army in the battle of Fatehpur, was a commander of the army of which Sindhi ruler
5. Dodo Soomro, the brave ruler of Sindh, died fighting against the forces of
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