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Famous Sindhi Poets

January 1, 2012 by
Increase your knowledge of Sindhi poets.
1. Greatest poet of Sindhi language
2. Great trinity of Sindhi poetry
3. Poet who worked with and was inspired in post partition India by Vinoba Bhave
4. Who is known as poet who retold Vedas through his poems in Sindhi?
5. Who was famous Sindhi sufi poet?
Balwant Wadhwani
Hi Devendra, thanks for nice quiz.
Please keep it up.
Devendra Kodwani
Thanks Balwant will do.
Waseem Soomro
Thank you so much. This was really informative for me.
4/5 btw:p
Ishwar Nathani
Lovely Start - Deven Well done Thanks
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